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Conference Presentations

Helen Tager-Flusberg
Research on Infants at-risk for ASD

Svein Eikeseth
Early Intervention in ASD: History, Intervention Approaches and Selection Decisions

Henry Roane
Novel Approaches to Preventing and Managing Challenging Behavior in Children with ASD

Bridget A. Taylor
Teaching Observational Learning Repertories to Children with Autism

Yanki Yazgan
How Does a Medical Treatment in Autism Get Established? Evidence-based Medical Methods for Comparing Established and Alternative Treatments

Joachim Hallmayer
Genetics of Autism

Andy Shih
Global Autism Public Health Initiative: Participatory Research and Integration of Science and Advocacy

Connie Kasari
Promoting Peer Interactions in School Programs for Children with ASD

Peter Gerhardt
Adaptive Behavior and ASD- Life, Safety, Independence, and Competence

William L. Heward
Working Together: Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers and Behavior Analysts on Behalf of Children with Autism in the Schools

James E. Carr
Credentialing Practitioners of Behavior Analysis

Linda A. LeBlanc
Incorporating Technology into Interventions and Staff Training for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders